Learn how to manage your physical, emotional and mental nature before you go off the deep end

Part 7 of 7, cerebral cortex

It’s over…Your relationship just came to an end and the reality of being alone has finally hit you right in the face. Maybe you just got divorced, your fiancé left you, you lost your job or your loved one has passed away. You’re feeling left with a big hole in your heart and in your mind. You’re laying in bed wondering… where do I go from here? What is my purpose? You feel confused, empty; you don’t know what you are going to do with your time. Feelings of sadness are coming and going and you are still in this place of incomprehension to how this all happened. These feelings are all a natural part of what you may experience as you are going through transition. As you go through this process, I will be there for you, to help get you back on track, feeling and doing great. In order for me to do this, I will examine your cerebral cortex because often times this area has been emotionally traumatized. When the cerebral cortex is emotionally and energetically traumatized, the above symptoms occur. Your cerebral cortex is divided into left and right hemispheres as it covers the outer layer of your brain, of your cerebrum and cerebellum. Utilizing gentle techniques from the Mansy MethodTM I will release portions of your pain, so that way you and I can move forward with your healing process. Once the pain has dissipated we can then begin to decipher your life purpose. Working with the cerebral cortex is fascinating as it brings forth such positive life changes, taking you to new places. This delicate area of your brain is also referred to as the 7th chakra in some cultures. If you are going through this, please contact me for a one on one session, and I promise you WILL feel a change.

Learn how to manage your physical, emotional and mental nature before you go off the deep end

Part 6 of 7, carotid plexus

Sleep?! Are you kidding me? Sleep is becoming very difficult. It’s the middle of the night and you spring up in your bed with your heart racing, your body is in a sweat, you’re now awake from a terrible nightmare about your wife. Maybe the dreams are of her with another man or her doing those awful things you fear most. The nightmares are recurring and you just can’t get these heart wrenching thoughts to stop disrupting your sleep and entering your mind. Your personal fears have you rattled and you can’t function the way you used too. The images keep coming to the surface. Your intuition is talking to you, telling you all the things you wish were not true. The stimulation of all this may be stemming from your carotid plexus. The carotid plexus is a network of nerves from the sympathetic nervous system that surround your internal carotid artery. Other traditions call the carotid plexus the 6th chakra. When the body & mind go through upheaval and such symptoms surface, it is understood that the 6th chakra/ carotid plexus has been shocked by trauma. Let’s remove those alarming scares in the night that have you shooting out of bed with your heart pounding and your mind giving you flashes of stories you no longer need to see. I will use the Mansy MethodTM to examine this area and then I will teach you tools you can start using at home to continue your healing. You will leave my office feeling an immediate change in your state of mind, body and overall spirit. This pain is no way to live and that’s one of the many reasons behind WHY I formulated the Mansy MethodTM to help pull people just like you, out of these painful life crises.

Learn how to manage your physical, emotional and mental nature before you go off the deep end

Part 5 of 7, pharyngeal plexus

You have hit your plateau!  Life has given you a crisis …You are chronically ill, your career just tanked or you just uncovered dreadful news about your partner. How do you swallow this bullet?  You have fallen into a deep state of silence. You are in pain. You are angry, you are sad and you are using everything inside to suppress any violent feelings you are experiencing.  The thoughts in your mind are so loud that your sense of hearing has temporarily diminished. Your creative side isn’t what it used to be, your mind is feeling cloudy due to the lack of communication. The emotions are so intense that your neck starts feeling stiff and you might even start developing a sore throat, phlegm and swollen glands because all this stress and bottled emotions are making you physically ill.   You are feeling ill because your pharyngeal plexus has just gotten shocked by these emotions. We know these emotions attacked your pharyngeal plexus because all your symptoms are pointing you in this direction. The pharyngeal plexus is a venous plexus located behind your pharynx (at your throat). This juncture is full of emotions that are ready to erupt and flow. This juncture is also called the 5th chakra in some traditions.  Before you may feel ready to speak your truth, I will release the tension in your throat and I will give you the tools to continue relieving this area of your pain. As I release this tension, your body will begin to unwind and I will walk you through the Mansy MethodTM which will empower you to digest and spit out the poison of this life crisis, overcoming this nightmare. As you forgive, let go and grow you will quickly be rejuvenated. The neck aches and illness are no longer part of your awareness because it has cleared from your body. Your audible skills are back to normal, your mind has returned to it’s home of sharp clarity and intuitive insight. The fountain of life is here.

Your enthusiasm and genuine interest in life is back and so are YOU!


Learn how to manage your physical, emotional and mental nature before you go off the deep end

Part 4 of 7, cardiac & pulmonary plexus

The cardiac & pulmonary plexus is a powerful meeting point in your body that can weigh you down physically, emotionally and mentally. You may be wondering, what and where is my cardiac & pulmonary plexus?  Your cardiac plexus is a network of cardiac nerves/branches which are situated at the base of your heart.  Your pulmonary plexus is comprised of strong trunks of the vagus nerve that are joined at the root of the lung by branches from the trunk and cardiac plexus. Together the heart and lungs form a most powerful center in the middle of your upper body, also known as the 4th chakra. From a physical stand point, this plexus is important because it supplies energy to the Heart, Lungs, circulatory system, thymus gland, vagus nerve, diaphragm, and upper back. With so many pathways intersecting in this area of your body it’s common for the energy flow to sometimes go too fast, too slow and sometimes get stuck. So why does that matter? It matter’s because in this article you are about to learn how this plexus influences your mind, body and ultimately your overall spirit. The health of how you are feeling and physically functioning is directly related to the emotions, exercise and diet you bring home to yourself.

When we talk about the emotions of the heart we usually think of a loved one. Take just a moment to think about this loved one that came to your mind. This loved one might be your wife, fiancé or girlfriend.  What kind of relationship do you have with this loved one? Is it a relationship of co-dependence? Do you feel insecure with this person? Can you honestly say you love yourself and feel it? …really feel it? Do you place conditions on your partner? Do you only love your wife, fiancé, girlfriend when she meets certain criteria? For example, if she didn’t finish college would you still love her? If your wife, fiancé or girlfriend stopped going to the gym, stopped dressing up in her most feminine eye appealing clothes, her lingerie has fallen to the waste side, would you still love and accept her? These are a few questions to ask yourself to gage where your mind and body emotions are at. If you feel co-dependent, insecure and as though your love is based upon her meeting certain criteria, it’s time we dig deeper. It’s time we dig into the roots of why you feel this way and how your unconscious or conscious personal attachment and selfishness may be ruling your life.

As we work together, I will show you how to free yourself from this emotional dependency within you. You will start feeling better once you are able to let go of the fear.  Let go of the fear behind being judged by others because your wife put on a few pounds or didn’t finish her education. Your mind and body will feel & see the unimportance of gaining external validation for the way YOU choose to live your life.

Moreover, I will personally check on what’s really happening within your cardiac & pulmonary plexus. Are you moving too fast or too slow? If I find an excess or deficient condition, I will do my part to regulate the function and ultimately bring you to a better state on multiple levels. I will bring you to this better state by using the Mansy Method TM to address the problem area.  After we address and heal the source of your imbalance, you will begin to experience feelings of compassion and selfless boundless love. Your mind, body and overall spirit are now at an elevated level. Your physical, emotional and mental state has reached a new plane. Your life is changing on several levels, from within and from around.  Are you ready to feel better both in public and behind closed doors?


Learn how to manage your physical, emotional and mental nature before you go off the deep end

Part 3 of 7, solar plexus

Take yourself back to the time you were a child. Think about that very first time you “got in trouble”. What happened? Were you scolded? Spanked? Made to feel ashamed of yourself? How did you learn to respond? I will tell you what happened. At that very moment when your parent, nanny or whoever snapped at you, your body’s internal automatic response is to freeze. During this freeze, the energy in your body splits as it goes in polar opposite directions and opens a space wide open for the “download” you are about to take in. At this point, you are being reprimanded and all those words and actions are energetically being imprinted into your mind, body and soul. You quickly learn that for survival sake, you must move forward, pretending that everything is back to normal. As you get plenty of practice doing this over and over again until you become a pro, it’s 10-50 years later and your tolerance and room for other people’s imprinting has reached its max. Your lid has reached it’s capacity and you are full.

So, what happens next? Next, you start to experience the aftermath. Your motivation is lacking, you’re feeling down, your digestive system isn’t what it used to be, the energy of your organs is slowing you down.   The self image you once had of yourself has taken a turn for the worse and your sense of personal power has crumbled.

What’s happening here? What’s happening is that you have stored your life long trauma’s one after the other inside your body. These long term stories hold true to how you feel about yourself and it’s taking its toll on you. You feel that tug in your solar plexus, and you don’t like it. It’s time to free yourself from the years of burying these feelings, the years of trauma that you stuffed away and told yourself, “it doesn’t matter”, “I don’t care”. You thought you let it go, when you gave yourself that self talk, but in actuality, you learned to become a master professional at tucking away the pain.

Now something inside you has brought you here today to read my articles. It’s not a coincidence, my friend. Everything happens the way it is supposed to and the way it should. Everything we go through in life is a lesson for us to forgive, let go and grow. When we work together and I help you through this process, your ability to work efficiently and complete desired tasks, is going to soar. Your physical energy, your overall constitution is going to be radiating like the sun. You will radiate because your emotional stability will be on the up and up. You will notice your digestion improving, not only on a physical food intake and breakdown level but on a mental level and emotional level too. You are now digesting thoughts and emotions vs. tucking them away.  Your entire cellular structure is glowing brighter than before.   This is all stemming from within your solar plexus, also known as the 3rd chakra in some traditions.

If you are into yoga, you will probably get a kick out of the fact, that the 3rd chakra is where the Kundalini is first awakened before dropping down to the first chakra to enter the spinal channel before it rises upward.

The solar plexus, it’s your childhood tree house that stored your fire. And now, your fire is dying out. You are left with smoldering embers.  Reading today’s Mansy MessageTM you were lead to reflect back into your past. You have been lead to see the imprinting and the patterns. Now, are you ready to see yourself transform?


Learn how to manage your physical, emotional and mental nature before you go off the deep end

Part 2 of 7, sacral plexus

Are you feeling overwhelmed with disturbing sexual dreams, desires and/or fantasies? You can’t get enough because you always want more. If you answered yes, then you will most likely agree that you also feel an inner emptiness and a lack of self-worth. These emotional situations tend to go hand in hand. As a result you are prone to finding yourself in an unhealthy co-dependent relationship or situation.  You may also have a martyr complex where you need to feel that you can “save” your partner. If this sounds like you then your second bundle of nerves, veins and arteries are surely on overload and could use some work.  This area in your body is called your sacral plexus. In some cultures, it is referred to as the 2nd chakra. If your sacral plexus is out of balance, it can also cause lower back pain and even impotence. It can also be linked to dysfunction within the kidneys and urinary bladder.

Your sexuality and unconscious mind are powerful forces that associate with your true energy that pervades your entire body. This energy is so strong that it seeps out into your first energy field around you. For example, have you walked into a room and noticed that you’re standing next to a girl where you can just feel, she is “oozing sex”? She didn’t have to say a word to you.  She was dressed conservatively.  There was just something about her energy that you could feel, you sensed it, you picked up on this vibe that was resonating around her body. That’s more than your intuition working here. It’s actually you being open to feeling another person’s first energy field that surrounds her like a bubble or a ring. What you are sensing and feeling is very real and very true. This energy is radiating out of her sacral plexus/ second chakra. The sacral plexus is the dominant energy center for sexuality and sensuality. It is the area that supplies your testicles with energy.

Once you are able to balance this energy center (sacral plexus) you will notice that your formation of relationships and communications are free from emotional neediness and/or sexual overload. The Mansy Method TM will open the doors necessary for you to say good bye to neediness and co-dependency. The unbalanced patterns will no longer be part of who you are. You will notice that your empathic perception, to sense and/or feel the emotions of others starts to become part of your awareness. Your sense of taste, the tongue and the hands will all unconsciously be refreshed.  Further, your unconscious mind will be renewed. When I say renewed, I mean that even your ability to sense dangerous situations will be more identifiable.  How does this sound to you? Are you ready to free yourself from co-dependency, a sexual overdrive that can’t be fulfilled, that inner emptiness that’s screaming for more?




Learn how to manage your physical, emotional and mental nature before you go off the deep end

Part 1 of 7, coccygeal plexus

You are flooded with survival instincts. You are grabbing onto security, power and acceptance.  Your proprioceptive senses are tied into the very same place these feelings are rooted. These feelings are rooted in a major plexus of arteries, veins and nerves at the base of your spine. In some cultures, this plexus is referred to as the first chakra.  A chakra is considered to be a pivotal center within the body. This pivotal center is where your arteries, veins and nerves form a bundle, which as you can imagine, is a hub of vital energy.   Your first chakra is located at your coccygeal plexus. Further, as you are going through a time of trauma, trying to get over a loved one or going through a shift in your career, this plexus is surely getting triggered.

The electromagnetic charge of each plexus is different in a man vs. a woman. As a man, your coccygeal plexus carries an electropositive charge. Your coccygeal plexus is also your reproductive area that houses the energy center for your spinal column, adrenal glands, testicles and your kidneys.  Hence, it is important to keep the energy flowing through this center, for your physical, emotional and mental health. When the body tenses up during times of crises, you feel it. You feel it when you get a knot in your muscles that your masseuse is trying to knead out. Similarly, you form knots within your coccygeal plexus, but these knots are on an energetic level which in turn affects your physical, emotional and mental state of mind and body.  These knots are the drivers which are pushing you to the edge.

Imagine, how much easier it would be to manage your loss, if you were able to say good bye to the fear. Say good bye to the fear of losing the security, the unhealthy security of that relationship or job, the fear of letting go, the fear of needing to feed off of power and acceptance. You can and you will, as I will use the Mansy Method TM to help lift you up to a place where you can reach this goal. I like to call this goal, freedom. Because when you can look at me at the end of our session and feel how your mind and body have shifted and the weight has been removed, you will be feeling something which I can’t even put into words.



The Power behind your Sperm and how You Create your Little Miracle

Healthy sperm is in demand! The male population in the USA has shown a huge decrease in sperm count.   So let’s make sure you are taking care of yourself.  It takes about 64-75 days to create sperm cells. So what are some things to consider when it comes to creating your internal quality sperm bank? You can start with a healthy organic diet in order to get more trace minerals and less chemicals in your body.  Regular exercise will bring more oxygen and nutrients into your reproductive system. Reducing stress levels and incorporating a prostate massage can increase blood flow and sexual vitality. Further, to keep your spermatozoa powerful you may want to avoid Saunas and Hot Baths because they may be killing your sperm count.  In addition, certain medications, recreational drugs and prolonged sitting (which can close circulation) may make it more difficult to create and house your healthy sperm bank. If you choose to incorporate the healthy suggestions above, it should also help with the motility of your spermatozoa as well. Now that you are on track with your health, it’s also important to foster that intimacy with your wife.

Passionate love making with your wife not only makes for a hot moment, but it also plays a role in the essence, energy and spirit of your creation.  When you orgasm the power behind your sperm is truly at it’s peak . When you reach that level of your greatest release, you are giving yourself to your wife on multiple levels. You are giving not only your physical sperm but also your energetic and spiritual forces as you flow into your wife’s tissues.  If your wife orgasm’s simultaneously with you, your union is at it’s strongest meeting point.   So, who cares?  Well, if you are trying to conceive with your wife, then you probably care. This is because you are the driver when it comes to fertilization.  Energetically, it is believed that when the man and woman both achieve an orgasm during conception, then the child’s constitution will be stronger.  It’s your sperm’s matrix on a physical, energetic and spiritual level that blends together into one most powerful sperm.  This sperm and it’s trio matrix fertilizes your wife’s egg along with her egg’s trio matrix (physical, energetic, spiritual). When your sperm unites with your wife’s egg it produces a polar axis that creates an energetic flow within and around the zygote. This energetic flow forms the central energy line that runs through the middle of the body, where we usually find our spine.   All in all, your fluids have joined and life has been created between the both of your mind’s, body’s and soul’s.




What to do if your girlfriend wants to leave you because you won’t commit?

Let’s face it, when you get down to it, you have 5 major needs. If these needs aren’t met, this is most likely why you aren’t committing. Depending on which need is missing, you may want to softly massage this point into your good bye talk. The bottom line is that you want sexual fulfillment, recreational companionship, an attractive woman, domestic support and admiration. Sexual expression is key, followed closely by respect. If your girlfriend isn’t making you feel sexually fulfilled and respected, you will often seek it out elsewhere. Hence, a commitment is a “no go” without these initial ingredients.  In fact, if your girlfriend doesn’t meet all 5 of these needs then you might as well stop reading this article and just let her walk away. Stop wasting your time and her time. If she does meet these needs, keep reading.

As humans, you live by encouragement and you die without it. So, ask yourself… Does my girlfriend own an encouraging charisma that lifts me up when I’m down? That brings me balance when I feel like things in my life are going arye? Without encouragement you slowly, sadly angrily find yourself shutting down. If she isn’t bringing encouragement to the table, don’t feel bad about not committing. Your mind is linear and below is a chart that illustrates the way your mind is wired.


You are wired to chase the sex. You feel drawn by sex. Overtime, the unifying bond of sex may sooner or later ignite feelings of love.  Are you feeling this? If you are, then give your girlfriend a point on the board for a commitment.  With these feelings of love, are you feeling an intimacy with your girlfriend? If you quickly answered yes, throw another point on the board for committing to your girlfriend. The reality is, if you are not feeling sexually fulfilled you will shut down affectionately and she will feel it.  If you aren’t feeling love & intimacy, it’s not time to commit; it’s time to let her go.

Now, what if you are reading this and you gave your girlfriend all the points on the board for meeting your 5 needs BUT when it comes to feeling love and intimacy, it just isn’t there? And to top it off, you know that you are an emotionally healthy man yet for some reason you are unable to reach this level of “love” and all the major needs have been met (sexual fulfillment, recreational companionship, attractive woman, domestic support and admiration)?  Well then, this isn’t the time or person you will commit too. It’s never easy telling your girlfriend you can’t commit, and if this ends the union, it’s saved you from settling into discontentment. So, what happens next? Usually, a world of emotion’s come to the surface.

Love is a commitment and when you choose to dodge the emotional commitment for the right or wrong reasons, you enter into a state of perpetual hunger and will often go through 3 stages of isolation.

1. The protest of the lack of a relationship- This often gives way to feelings of sadness and anger. You may feel abandoned and alone.

2. Depression and/or Despair- This often occurs when hope is deferred and the heart becomes emotionally sick.

3. Detachment- This is often seen as withdrawal and/or minimization while some people choose to find other alternatives in order to hide. This hiding may be accomplished through various means. A few examples may be working out, training and sometimes becoming a workaholic in order to mask and disguise the pain inside.

Determine if your 5 major needs are being met. This is the foundation for a loving relationship. If it’s not there, why get cornered into a commitment? Work your way through the major needs. Make your assessment and then feel confident with your decision. Accept the situation for what it is; forgive, let go and grow.

Forgive yourself, your girlfriend and the situation for any discomfort this relationship brought forth. Let go of that emotional tie or knot you may feel within yourself, allow her to do the same and let go of any attachment to why this situation happened. Let yourself grow, let her grow and let the situation go.

What to do when you find out your wife is cheating on you?

Before you can decide what to do, you should really ask yourself … why is she cheating? Once you understand why, then you can figure out what to do. Women need certain qualities in a man and in a relationship in order to stay onboard. So, before you react out of emotion, take a closer look at the dynamics of the relationship. How would you rank the level of affection you share with her? Have you asked her if she agrees and if she doesn’t agree, how can you express this better? Next, how is the honesty and openness between the two of you? Obviously, if she is cheating there isn’t honesty and openness but what other area’s of the relationship have lacked this and why? Do you offer her any peace of mind when it comes to financial support? Or is this a stressor in the relationship. Does she feel you can provide any sort of family structure for her future with you? If you can wrap your head around her needs, you are off to a good solid start. Not only are these good questions to ask yourself, but they are good conversation topics to have with her.

Women have 5 major needs. Number one on her list is affection, then conversation, honesty & openness, financial support and family commitment. A major need for your wife is to feel your affection, to feel she is truly prized by you, loved by you and cherished by you. When she does not feel affection she will seek it out elsewhere, perhaps through friends and other more personal relationships. Just like you, she is human, and she lives by encouragement and dies without it.  Without encouragement we slowly, sadly angrily find ourselves shutting down. Below is a chart that illustrates the way a woman’s mind is wired.


Women are wired to start from left to right, first she is drawn in by the intimacy, then feelings of love and then sex. If the woman does not feel affection and valued she shuts down sexually.  How’s the sex life? If it’s slowed down, that might be an indicator of her not feeling enough affection and / or valued.

Love is a commitment and if the woman cannot make an emotional commitment the sex life usually suffers and she starts looking elsewhere to fill the void. By now, you have an idea of where the relationship has not been it’s strongest. At this point you have 2 choices. One option is to sit down and address these foundational questions.  After addressing the questions, you both form an agreement. This agreement will consist with both of you bending in order to meet each other’s needs and mend the relationship. Option number two, you can walk away.  Going through the questions is really the best start, for yourself, for her and for you both. Learning to understand your wife and the basic needs of a woman will push your personal growth to the next level. It’s important to grow from the situation in order to avoid repeating the same lesson in life, again and again.

Now you have been given the tools to understand yourself and your wife. You now understand what her 5 major needs are, and the basics for how most women operate. This is the basic foundation for a loving relationship. So sit down and have those important conversations with your wife. Listen to what she shares with you. Listen with your Mind, Body and Spirit. You are ready for some answers, for some understanding and soon for that next step.


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